Polaris ATV Sportsman WV850 – ATV With Unique Flat-Proof Non Pneumatic Tires!

The tires without air in the last few years constantly emerging and actualize, and although offering many advantages over traditional tires filled with air, have not been available for use. Polaris has become the first company to offer a vehicle with such tires, and it is their quad or ATV Model Sportsman WV850.

The model is based on the military version of the model of Polaris, and a steel structure and great strength to carry cargo. Basically a vehicle that can drive on any terrain.

However the most interesting point of this model is its Terrain Armor wheels. Polaris claims that they can withstand pulling of .50-caliber bullet and drive without problem.

Similar tires developed and Bridgestone and Michelin, but this model is probably developed by themselves (Polaris). Sportsman WV850 will be available this year, in a limited edition, priced at $ 15,000.