Pheonix’s Power R34 GTR Skyline: 1/4m in 10s @ 138mph!

We love R34s, but we have to say this R34 Skyline has been badly tuned and brutal. Obviously they should have kept it AWD.

We are here once again to give HONOR to the NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34! America`s FAVORITE STREET CAR -- that is for sure! Anyway we would like to present to you this particular PHOENIX POWERED SKYLINE R34 which marks perfect results! This one made a lot of people give STANDING OVATIONS as new records were set up!!! To get strict to the point, this MONSTERISH R34 ran a 1/4 mile in a period of time of only 10 seconds!!! In addition, it did it with a top speed of 138 miles per hour which is a great result, we must admit! This Skyline is a monster and is incredibly fast!!!

Enjoy the video below!

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