Hop In On A Tour Of Paul Walker’s Legendary Filmography!

There are many awesome and unforgettable actors in the world, there is no doubt. However, there are just a few that we, gearheads, simply love. Those people are our role models and we always try to be as good as they are. Unfortunately, not everyone had such happy endings to their careers. Paul Walker is one of those actors, unfortunately his life ended too early. It has been 5 years since his death and we pay tribute to him yet once again. Namely, we will take a look at his legendary filmography! Growing up in Glendale, California, Paul had a decent childhood together with his family. It all started for him in 1986 when he was in the cast of the family sitcom, Throb. It was 8 years after when he received his first script for Tammy and the T-Rex, in 1994.

paul walkers legendary filmography 1

His first major success as an actor came in 1998, with the movie called Pleasantville. This movie is an absolute must for everyone who hasn`t yet watched it. After appearing in movies like Varsity Blues, She`s All That and The Skulls, his greatest success ever was with Fast and Furious. In fact, most of us know about Paul Walker based on this sequel. His legendary filmography was even more upgraded after his death in 2013, with the likes of Hours and Brick Mansion. Moreover, even two years after his death, the awesome Fast and Furious 7 was released. Many car lovers are getting very emotional whenever they hear his name. Many tribute gatherings have been organized ever since his death. He was a true piece of art, an actor that Hollywood has not seen for a long, long time. A true legend in every sense of the word!

paul walkers legendary filmography 2

Before you leave make sure to check out Paul Walker and his amazing car collection! Just WOW!