Paul Walker Will Be Replaced By His Younger Brother Cody for F&F 7!?

Cody, Paul Walker`s younger brother has been received an offer to replace the tragic star in the final scenes of the Fast & Furious 7. In our opinion Paul’s younger brother Cody (25) it is the best possible choice and we could not think of anyone better. He lives with mother Cheryl in Oregon and he is gives a great support to her since Paul‘s tragic death. At this moment it is still early on what is being decided, but we hope this will end in the best possible way. 

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8 thoughts on “Paul Walker Will Be Replaced By His Younger Brother Cody for F&F 7!?

  1. Don Tittle

    Given the circumstances I think this is acceptable. After this movie however the F & F series should end. R.I.P. Paul Walker

  2. Sumit

    He Should Be Replaced By Will Smith….

  3. chris

    I think they should do it let his brother live on with his legacy

  4. Drake Zimmer

    I don’t think they should replace him with his brother it just wouldn’t be the same it was PAUL WALKERS movie, he was one of the main stars not his brother

    1. XYZ ddjjdj

      No the fast series should not b stoppd bcoz The boss Vin diesel is still there and Sumit is right paul shud b replaced by will smith!

  5. Nicole Orengo

    Without Paul Walker F&F just isn’t the same, I’m sorry. 🙁

  6. Rods

    Megan fox is still alive and she got replaced in Transformers, so Paul can definite be replaced as well. He wasn’t in Tokyo Drift and it was still an awsum movie.

  7. david britton

    I think it should be left to ppl who new paul best and what he would want…PAUL WALKER thanks mate for all awesome movies you in that we watched 😉

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