Opposite Of Road Rage! A Polite Way to Handle a Fender Bender!

A small lesson on how to react politely when you will come across a fender bender such as this, while you are minding your business, driving your vehicle down the road.

Probably this is not the usual way someone from the US is handling a situation like this, but I guess just like in many other examples, Americans has a lot to learn from their northern neighbors, the Canadians. Instead of the usual road rage storm when an idiot is crossing your path and does something like the guy in the pickup truck in the video, you simply leave that fool in the maze of his own…and just continue down your path.

Watch the video and think about it, how would have you react in a situation like this, if you and your bodies would have come a cross on a road obstacle while driving your bikes on a country road?

Is it going to be a typical road rage reaction or would you do the same thing like this Canadians?

Enjoy the video below!

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