Mud Truck WHEELIE KING Is Here To Entertain – Twitty’s Liva Killa!

Even though all of us have seen all kinds of mighty and powerful monster trucks out there in the bounty hole, there are not many that can do it as superior as Twitty’s Liva Killa Blazer does it. The video that we have prepared for you in this post is a true example of just how powerful this monster truck is, and how easy it handles the mud challenge, doing a wheelie from a dead stop and than blazing again through the mud lane.

If I remember correctly, some time ago Twitty was having some problems with his truck, but obviously by the time this video was taken, it became a thing of the past. Otherwise, we would not have the chance of watching him pulling this great performance out there at 4×4 Cross Throttle King Finals, right? He starts with one hell of a powerful wheelie, than rumbles through the mud like it was a knife cutting through butter, than goes on the other side and does it all over again with the same intensity.

Just watch the video and see this great demonstration of brutal power. It would be joyful minute and a half.

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Enjoy the video below!

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