OMG! Is This a Tractor or a Submarine? This Tractor Driver Taught An Important Lesson! NEVER GIVE UP!

Even though here in the United States, we do not `often` see Russian machines, most of us have heard about the their cars and SUVs (especially the Lada Niva 4×4). Despite their not so attractive looks and poor features, they are known for being endurable as mules and that there is not an obstacle that they can not overcome. Combine all that with the crazy Russian drivers and instead of a car, place a Russian tractor and you will end up with a situation like this one in the video, where this guy is doing something almost impossible!

Russians are famous on the internet for making crazy videos, and this tractor driver is the star in this particular one! Giving up is not something this brave tractor driver has in mind, and his persistence actually pays off! This video is proof why you should NEVER GIVE UP!

What we actually have here is something between tractor and a bulldozer with some kind of a heavy trailer cart, trying to cross a river, which is deep enough to transform this vehicle into a submarine. We don`t know what is this tractor using as fuel (for the driver, there is no doubt that he is fueled up with enough Vodka), but watching it doing this incredibly dangerous `stunt`, we will only say – Way to go man! Despite all odds, and the fact that the tractor goes almost completely underwater, the tractor driver manages to get out of the dangerous situation!

This is the kind of determination that needs to be applauded! Sharing this video was the least we could do to show you the bold tractor driver facing danger! Make sure you don`t miss out this amazing video because it teaches a very important lesson. NEVER GIVE UP! Click play and enjoy!

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