New 2014 Lamborghini Cabrera!

2014 is a year for changes. Changes shall happen in the automobile industry, especially in Lamborghini`s world. Namely, Lamborghini`s new baby, that will probably be called the Cabrera, which is the name of a notorious Spanish bull, shall take the place of the Gallardo.

The Cabrera is supposed to make its first appearance in 2013 and it`s very likely to follow the Aventador`s fame, having even more powerful engine and the same bold body lines. As far as we now, the new Cabrera shall be light-weighted, since its body is gonna be made out of monocoque carbon fiber. Isn’t that great?


The engine is the same as that in the Gallardo, a V10 one, only enriched with a compressor, which allows additional horsepower. So, this baby is expected to boost around 600 horses. We are not sure about its wheel. It`s likely to be a four wheel drive, but the details are steel under question. We`ll keep you posted. 

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