Amazing Modern ROAD CONSTRUCTION Compilation: USA, Australia, Germany & Other!

Humanity has unveiled many types of road construction processes and methods over the years. Some of these types of construction date back to ancient times before the Roman Empire. Yeah, road construction has been an engineering challenge and a concern of the human kind since maybe right after the wheel was invented. Since then, the techniques have slowly advanced in complexity and sophistication ever since. This video is a tribute to modern road construction and shows many new sophisticated ways of road paving. It`s also a compilation of clips that demonstrates how roads are made in different countries around the world.

Some of those countries are USA, Australia and Germany. It`s always interesting to see how different countries approach this marvel of engineering. You`ll be able to see some very glorious mega machines laying asphalt and paving state-of-the-art roads in a very quick time. Our favorite comes from Australia. It is one glorious drone footage which shows road paving in the fastest way you have ever seen. These epic machines and the workers who operate them deserve many praises for their precision and beautiful work. Take a look at all of these magnificent techniques of modern road construction and bask upon the epic machines who make our transportation way easier. What do you think?

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