LSX Willys vs Z06 Corvette! 180MPH with NO SEAT BELTS, NO DOORS!

Another exciting drag race on the streets! A totally insane drag race between the LSX Willys and the powerful Z06 Corvette! You’ll agree that this battle has one particular participant that is really rare to see racing. And yes we are talking about the LSX Willys Jeep. This vehicle has a staggering 750 horsepower and the guys are running it at 180MPH with NO SEAT BELTS, NO DOORS & NO WINDSHIELD! It is definitely a sleeper that can do a lot of surprises.

However, you know our point of view about this. Be always careful. We hope that these guys are aware of their rather dangerous actions. In addition of this video there are a couple more races including a C7 Corvette with a supercharger and a fierce FD Mazda RX7! These races won`t leave you nonchalant.

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Enjoy the video below!

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