Lexus GS300 on 32-Inch DUB Banditos Rims!

Lexus GS300 on 32-Inch DUB Banditos Rims!

It is amazing how adding HUGE RIMS to your car can change its whole identity! Such example is given here where this FANTASTIC mid-size luxury car – the LEXUS GS is ADORNED with some 32″ DUB BANDITOS RIMS!!! We must say that the owner might have taken things a little too far! The body paint is also improvised as a RACING FLAG is painted on the hood! However, every attempt to do something different with your car is worth giving respect to! If you have the image in your head, take a look at the video and see how it actually looks!

In our opinion it looks nice though, because are different.

Enjoy the video below!

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