Here we go with one of those videos that seemed to be a real treat for every drifting aficionado in the world, as you are about to see one of the best places for drifting on the planet, that is coming from the country which pays a lot of attention to this sport, Japan. Each and every one of you who are following us regularly, as well as other websites and magazines of this kind, knows well about some of the world famous drifters from Japan, like currently very popular Daigo Saito, and many others. Most of them can be seen on this track throughout the year. However, today we are not going to `talk` about them, but will present to you the best Japanese Ebisu drift circuit, in Fukushima, which is also known as the Japanese drifting heaven!

Ebisu circuit is one of those places which every drifter in this world should see it and feel it at least once in his life. It is a place where many Drift Grand Prix races are being held, and a number of professional drift-drivers are coming to display their skills and to compete, as well as numerous drifting enthusiasts from all over the world are coming from till December.

The video below that we have prepared for you in this article will show you a thrilling and exciting footages from the Gaijin Grand Prix that will give you the proper adrenaline rush dose and a lot of fun. So without any more unnecessary chit chats about it, check out the Ebisu Drift Circuit and enjoy the show!

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