Jason Had A Serious Melt Down During American Chopper!

We are all aware that every human being, no matter how strong or weak he is, there is going to be a point in his life where things will not go as planned and it is going to look like the whole world is against you and your plans. To prove that this can actually happen to anyone, we take a look at this video from the one and only American Chopper when their lead designer Jason, had a serious melt down when Paul Sr. told him that the bike they are currently building for one of their customers looks basic.

Jason Melt Down American Chopper 2

Paul always wanted to create something new, something that the world has not yet seen and this bike was far from that, it was simply too generic. Thus Paul decided to pay a visit at Jason`s office and have a word or two about the design. After couple of minutes talking, Jason found this very offensive hence he thought that the bike was just fine. This is where the melt down took place. He rushed out of his office and stormed towards the shop.

Even though the bike was already taking its shape, Jason threw it on the ground while shouting at everyone that they should start it all over again with a brand new design. This was something that regularly happened in this great show and it is exactly one of the reasons why we miss it so much. What do you think, how should have Jason react?

Lastly, follow this link to read an interview made recently with Jason.