INSANE STREET RACE: Two 1600HP GTR’s Battle to 190MPH!

Check this INSANE STREET RACE: Two 1600HP GTR‘s (Cranberry GTR 1600HP and MC’s Alpha 16 GTR) Battle to 190MPH!

Some people take their fancy cars at night to go to places to be seen and to show off, but these guys are not even close of doing that. Yes they are out at night, with their cars, but are having fun in a whole different way. In a way that only gearheads know how to do it. They are racing on the highway! That`s how they choose to pump the adrenaline up! In the first race the camera shows a view from the SPE GTR, which by the way has a Godzilla Turbo Kit. In order to understand how fast they are going, pay attention to the gaugesin the dashboard!

Enjoy the video below!

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