How To Drift A Motorcycle – Here Is A Tutorial By Stunter13 That Will Introduce You To The Basics!

This time Stunter 13 shows how to Drift A Motorcycle! That looks easy on the first sight. Actually this video is beginner’s friendly! Stunter 13 is from Poland and his name is Rafal Pasierbek. He is spreading the motorcycle stunt scene wide and far! His amazing style has gathered many victories on many competitions across the globe! From Euro StuntGP all the way to our very own American XDL championship! He is very well known for astounding bike control, smooth combos and great acrobatics! All of this makes him a bike stunter that is worth of your attention.

And like every bike stunter of this caliber he started very young. He started riding bikes around the age of 7, after his grandfather bought him an old two stroke motorcycle called WSK125! The WSK125 is a motorcycle made in Poland and it`s got seven HP. His true passion for bike stunts came at the age of 15 though, when his mother bought him a Suzuki RG80. And after watching some old school American bike stunt videos like DV8 and SBF he got totally hooked! And he demonstrates that very well in this how to drift a motorcycle video!

Admit it, you secretly wish you were one of those guys that do STUNTS with their bikes and everyone admires them! It really is cool if you know couple of tricks, you can impress your family, friends, girls, but it is also good for you! We have a good drifter here who is good enough to share some of his skills for future drifters! If you are keen to learn something new, then this video on how to drift a motorcycle is a great chance for you to step into a whole new world! The video below will make drifting look so easy! Please, take a look! Do you think you can do it? If not, don`t beat over yourselves much, because this guy is a professional world class bike stunter!

Finally, if you want to know how a stunt bike is built, follow this link!