Dodge Challenger Drag Racing A Lamborghini Countach! Do Not Challenge The Challenger!

Drag Racing events between two monstrous cars will always grasp our attention. Thus, by saying this, these types of events will always be present here at our car enthusiast`s website. Here we have a battle between a supercar and a muscle car. And what is even better about this video that you are about to see is that the muscle car wins! The muscle car in this video is our very own American icon the Dodge Challenger! When you see just how the Dodge Challenger drag races this Italian monster you`ll be jaw dropped. What you are about to see in this video is Dodge Challenger drag racing like a beast!

The Lamborghini Countach as being a super car is of course always the front runner against a muscle car. If we are not mistaken this is a 1982 Countach with a V12 engine that produces 370HP. The aero on the Countach looks marvelous! On the other hand, we are pretty much sure this Dodge Challenger drag racing a Lambo here is far from stock. But, it is a Challenger that from the looks of it is made between the years of 1969-1974. So, we can safely say that this drag race is pretty much fair no matter how much modified this Challenger is.

Dodge Challenger drag racing is always a threat. Supercar or not! Because a muscle car like the Dodge Challenger here is built for a quarter mile competition. The Dodge Challenger is practically an executioner when racing on a quarter mile! It is made to dominate on a straight line! And the Lambo is by no means a muscle car. Only way this Lambo Countach would win against a Challenger would be on a curved track. So, a word of advice for the Lambo would be not to challenge the Challenger!

Watch this drag race between the Hemi Challenger vs Lamborghini Countach!

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8 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger Drag Racing A Lamborghini Countach! Do Not Challenge The Challenger!

  1. Great race, nothing like american muscle! always the best stay american folks..

  2. steevo67

    They barely took off..nice challenger though.race wasnt all that.:-(

  3. Linda Landowski

    As a Dodge/Mopar Muscle Car Lover!! My heart & money is always on the E-body!! Go Dodge!! Yay!!

  4. Rhino

    The Lamborghini Is not a drag car! take those 2 cars out on the road coarse and see how they compare!

    1. Larry

      Ok, being that the Lambo isn’t a drag car, he should have kept his junk off the drag strip!

  5. mrRight

    Doubt the Challenger is all stock.
    Good race though and Iconic cars. Love em both

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. Allan

    Countach is the best. Who cares if a modified pos can beat it in the 1/4.

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