Ford Strategy In Keeping Paparazzi From The New Mustang!

A world with spy photographers would mean a never-ending game between a cat and a mouse. We too are considered guilty about this Ford Strategy as charged whenever talking about taking spy shots of the New Mustang 2015 –we did that too as much as we could. Mustang development test mules have been documented by our spy photographers through taking snaps for its track and road actions.

However, Ford has developed a camo package for test mules with heavily padded foam and back vinyl in order to address the cat and mouse game with photographers. And to make sure that total access cut off from those annoying paparazzi is implemented, camouflage engineer was deployed. At this moment in time however, that Ford has fully revealed the car, they too released a video explanation how they work on getting rid of spy photographers at any cost.

Finally, here you can see all the plans for Ford careers that will change your mind about this company! Check out this link!


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