Ferrari F40 Limousine Replica Earned A Lawsuit From Ferrari!

Without a doubt, the Ferrari F40 is one epic sports automobile which is not the case with the vehicle in these images. The original Ferrari F40 is an automobile with 2 doors and 3.0 liter engine placed in the middle that is able to deliver 471 horsepower. The Ferrari F40 Limousine replica you are seeing in these images has more differences than similarities.

Limo Replica Of The Iconic Ferrari F40 1

Limo Replica Of The Iconic Ferrari F40 4

Namely, it is “made of” a Toyota MR2 mk1, has 5 doors and 1.6 liter rear mounted engine. Interior-wise, there are four leather seats, AC, power steering etc. This vehicle also includes an ABS system, sunroof and big 19 inch wheels. Although this vehicle resembles the original Ferrari F40 judging by the exterior look, we think it deserves a bit of attention.

However, the Ferrari F40 Limousine is for sale in Japan!