Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution is Fully Restored!

We have happy news for you. The Ferrari Enzo is back! After the accident Ferrari Enzo had in 2011 when it went for a short swim, the car was brought to Germany and was renovated. The team of Edo Competition first did a little drying of the car and after that, when all ruined elements were removed, the car was about to gain a bit altered shape and some new interior details such as the ZXX alloys.

As for the technical part, the V12 engine is now a 6.5 liter engine and is able to do 10,000 rpm. Furthermore, the engine now features a brand new intake system and underwent some aerodynamic changes. With all this, the engine is now able to produce 900 bhp (671 kW) while the speed shift is done in 60 milliseconds. Ferrari Enzo can travel with maximum speed of 242 mph (390 km/h).

Few days ago, Ferrari Enzo was brought to Calgary, Canada and is in the hands of the true and rightful owner.

 Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution is Fully Restored 2