Drift-Choreography Show with BMW M235i Drift in a Rotary Traffic!

This latest video clip of BMW M235i drift is a real treat for every fan of the famous German car manufacturer who had assembled a merry bunch of professional drivers to have some fun and do some serious driving and drifting stunts for the promotional campaign of their new model!

So, for the purposes of making this drifting BMW video, company hired a professional stunt drivers like Dai Yoshihara, Rich Rutherford, Rhys Millen and few others and shoot this video at a location in Cape Town, in South Africa. It is clear that drivers are having a good time whilst doing what they do best and even by their own words (behind the scenes), this BMW is the best one from the M series yet. And the final product is an amazing minute and a half of adrenalin rush and pure pleasure.

Some may say that this video is contradictory to the general policy of safe driving that all of the automakers are officially announcing. But hey, that is no reason for us not to enjoy this great piece of comercial art with BMW M235i drift action!

Look who just set two Guinness World Records by drifting a car sideways! Guess who, on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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