Driving a GTR R32 Skyline Nissan in USA! Fantastic REVIEW!

Check out this guy Driving a GTRĀ R32 Skyline Nissan in USA! It is very nice review! I love these cars keep them coming to US!

It would be weird for us to drive a right hand drive, wouldn`t it? But, then again, we would all love to have a NISSAN SKYLINE! Well, our friend David had that kind of difficulties already! He got himself a NISSAN SKYLINE and now he is going to take it for a spin! This one has a swapped motor under the hood as it is now equipped with a RB25! Dave here, is excited to drive this Japanese classic, and so are we for watching him as he does his first miles in this ride! Check out this video and get used to it, now that R32 are legal in the States, you are going to see them a lot more often!!!

Anyway, check out this Nissan R34 strapped on the DYNO!

Enjoy the video below!

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