DRAG RACE: 720HP Ford GT Mirage vs 616HP McLaren MP4-12C!

Check out this amazing DRAG RACE between the 720HP Ford GT Mirage vs 616HP McLaren MP4-12C!

This race is part of the Vmax200 which is the leading top speed racing event in Great Britain. This event is created so the owners of fast vehicles can push them to the max. It was founded back in 2002 by a former oil broker. It also has been host to many legendary cars that came there to see the maximum potential of their cars. Anyway, in this short video, you can see a battle between two supercars. One is American and the other is from the UK. One of them has some upgrades and the other not. Can you guess which one is that, and who is going to be the winner? Are the modifications and extra power enough to beat the opponent? Feel free to write your opinions!

Finally, check out the Ford GT heritage! 

Enjoy the video below!

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