Did You Know This Beastly 1952 Blastolene SPECIAL Really EXISTS?

This thing is actually a 1952 Blastolene Special car! This ride is really unique! Everything is handmade -- from the polished aluminum skin to the chassis.

In this video we have a homemade tank engine car. But, have you ever seen this? A “beast” would be right in this situation. The car has polished aluminum skin, exposed engine, enormous wheels and that monster look-a-like feel. The point is not speed, but pure, raw power. Even passing by it you can feel the grandiosity it oozes. The driver sure has the right to feel a bit proud of his vehicle, and that small smile on his face is certainly not undeserved. After all this is not something you can see every day, or probably any day.

P.S. This car was competing the Indy 500 racing during the 1950s!

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