Trike Drift in Auckland New Zealand! You Must See These Guys Trike Drifting Without Any Equipment Gear!

We have another proof here that we just never grow up. We just change the recipe a bit and go to the very extremes. Just like the guys in Devon Super Tramp`s latest video are doing. The pure art of trike drift.

Devin Graham`s videos are pretty notable when it comes to trike drift and other extreme sports. Last year his skills dabbled at the amazing extreme sport of trike racing. Here, Devin Graham filmed and introduced a couple of guys who performed `The Human Slingshot`. Three guys took their custom trikes down the Powder Mountain in Utah. Here, they reached incredible speed of 55+ miles per hour. That is so fast that your shoes are losing rubber as you try to slow down!

The art of trike drift is pretty similar to trike racing. However, when it comes to trike drift, the rear wheels are replaced with ones that make less friction. Now, some may call this suicidal because these guys are drifting without any rider equipment. One guy is even riding his trike shoeless! But if you are an adrenaline junkie, we are sure you will be full of understanding for the marvelous trike drift performance these guys are doing.

We think that trikes won`t be only kids` favorite toy in the future, thanks to what these guys are introducing here. It seems like trike drift is the sport of the future where many adults will take part.

This video just reminds us a lot of Mario cart, the beloved Nintendo franchise with a fantastic gameplay. And we are sure you will be reminded of this awesome iconic game to when you see the video. We will even recommend watching this video with 2x speed. It looks just like when you slip on a banana in Mario Cart!

So, finally, if you want to start a DIY drift trike project, visit this link!

We are really wondering who invented this amazing Trike Drifting! 🙂


Enjoy the video below!

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