CRAZY 3200HP Nitrous ENGINE Blasting Into an Intake Manifold! Totally INSANE!

We love horsepower and nitrous! When we get the two in one huge package we just go crazy with excitement! What we also love are engines open for demonstration! An engine set on display and cranked up for everyone to see! You can explore its details and see the engine from a totally different and exciting perspective! This guy in the footage below is not selfish at all and displayed this extremely powerful nitrous engine for everyone to see and bask at its amazingness!

Nitrous is of course not a necessity as there are other ways to increase the HP of your engine. However, NOS is definitely one of the alternatives that are the cheapest and the easiest for installing as well! So, this nitrous engine that you are about to see is swimming in NOS! The amount of NOS that flows through this engine supposedly has 3200 HP! When you see all that NOS being released through the engine, you`ll be left jaw dropped for sure!
It can be noticed that the amount of fuel being burned because of the NOS is ridiculously huge! And with all that NOS spraying around, we just can`t but wonder, how safe is this really?! Despite fire, with engines letting out emissions even gas poisoning from carbon monoxide is a possibility. If no one is careful, things can go awry in a second. That`s why, we guess that a fire marshal is close by to make sure a fire won`t break out or some other accidents!

We don`t know if this engine has 3200HP solely with the help of NOS! NOS can help increasing HP, that`s for sure! However, can an engine get 3200HP from NOS alone?! We doubt that an engine can handle that much nitrous! So we would like to know what other modifications this engine has.

Whatever the case may be, you will have the opportunity to see this nitrous engine working in slow motion, super slow motion, and ultra-slow motion! Nitrous everywhere! Enjoy!

Finally, here is a step by step instruction on How to install NOS!

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