Little Boy Christian Rasmussen Parking His Go-Kart LIKE A BOSS!

YouTuber that goes by the name of MrStarupN has originally uploaded this footage back in 2012. However, it has just recently gone viral. The reason is because this video is downright insane. There are many adults around the world that can`t park at all and are constantly causing trouble when parking. They are having difficulties no matter how huge the parking lot is. However, this kid can slide into extremely tight spaces like it is no big deal at all. The young go-kart aficionado in the video below goes by the name of Christian Rasmussen. He`s the son of the guy who owns Marielyst Go-kart and Paintball Center.

Having said that, young Christian Rasmussen had plenty of time to practice and hone his skills at his father`s karting track. Nevertheless, all of that time practicing has definitely payed of for this young driver. The way he drives this go-kart around the track and reverse it into this garage is something only drivers with a baller status are made of. Having said that, this kid has a lot of potential. Because this year was filmed back in 2012, Christian has grown up since then and is currently racing in the F4 Danish Championship. His performance is pretty solid and who knows maybe one day he`ll have an opportunity to enter F1?

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