All of you who are following the Musclecarszone.com on a regular basis, know well that besides your favorite Detroit muscles and fast as hell imports, we are always keen on showing you some things that are a state of the art technology, and other powerful machines, which sometimes can be pretty bizarre and weird looking. Well, when it comes to the latter, I do not think that we have had anything alike this Timberjack walking machine, which, just as the title says, it looks like it has come out of the silver screen, out of some Sci-Fi film!

I mean, it really is something that one should see with his own eyes, but before I let you do that, I will tell you only a few things about it!

This Timberjack walking forest machine that looks like a giant mechanical spider is a product of the Plustech company, and in fact, it is their most famous innovation. The initial idea of creating the TIMBERJACK WALKING MACHINE was to create a machine with strong working stability, which will leave as less as possible impact on the terrain. It moves on six articulated legs, forward, backward, as well as sideways and diagonally. And it has an intelligent computer system that has the function of a nerve center, which controls all of its functions.

But, it is one thing to read about it, and completely another to see it in action. Therefore, check out the following video and see this incredible piece of machinery with your own eyes. And if you want to see more creepy, but interesting heavy machines, go to this link.