Candy Teal Mercedes R350 on 28-inch DUB Frantic Floaters!

Check out this Candy Teal Mercedes R350 on 28-inch DUB Frantic Floaters.

We have noticed when one company comes out with a good rims, Dub comes out with the same one but it spins. Now this is how you are supposed to pimp your ride!!! We often see some classic Muscle Cars and the 28″, 30″ or 32″ RIMS their owners put! Many times, people argue that those kinds of rims do not belong there and so on! But, right here we a FANTASTIC Mercedes-Benz R350 with a STUNNING Candy Teal Color and AMAZING 28″ DUB Frantic Floaters!!! These spinners are really great and the fact that this car is so recognizable in its hood is a proof more than enough!!! What do you think about this ride, would you put these rims if you were the owner?!

Enjoy the video below!

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