We have all met someone like this at some point in our lives. We are talking about that guy who gets a new car, customizes is it WAY TOO MUCH and shows it off to everyone! If you do not like it when someone does this, then you are in for a treat! The video we are sharing with you today will put a smile on your face! Check this BOX CHEVROLET ON 28-INCH DUB RIMS doing a BURNOUT and then this performance had an inglorious finale when it hit a POLE!!! LOL! Karma worked fast for this guy! He wanted to show off his green box Chevrolet so badly, in the end, it finished badly for his car! We feel sorry for the car though, and we really hope this guy learned his lesson! If you are not adept at doing burnouts, you should not even try them! To make things even worse, that was a 2-door and those are hard to find!

The box Chevrolet looks nice though. It has incredible 28 inch dub rims. Almost everything on this car is painted green, even the interior. We do not know what was the guy thinking when he decided to do a burnout though. It went badly and the green Chevy ended up hitting a pole! You can even hear one guy screaming BOOM even before the box Chevrolet hit the pole! Afterwards, the driver backed up, and drove off from the scene! We can only wonder if he was embarrassed from the accident. Nonetheless, we are absolutely certain this guy will think twice from now on whenever he wants to do a burnout! We highly doubt he will risk crashing his car again! All that is left is for you to press that play button and learn from this guy`s mistake!

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Enjoy the video below!

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