See This 347ci Small But POWERFUL Block Ford!

If you are a drag racing fan you just might have heard of Chris or the “BOSSTEDGT”! This 347ci small block Ford made its appearance in Union Grove, WI at the King of the Streets event! This name really suits him in a way because he showed that he could be the real King of those Streets! He gave one hell of a show there, at Great Lakes Dragaway with its enormous gigantic 88mm turbo that is being driven through a Turbo 400 Transmission!

However, the finals seem to be far away for BoostedGT since he did not make it there! But on the other hand, he did make some crazy passes since this one goes crazy as soon as its giant Turbo gets the traction! He beats some pretty nasty rides such as Ozz`s Giant Turbo Camaro with 1200 horsepower! Moreover, he showed that Megatron`s 1400 horsepower SBF where his place is! However, he eventually lost to Boost12`s 500hp Turbo Twin SBF Cobra! Something went wrong with BoostedGT from the beginning as Boost12 TT SFB Cobra gained advantage from the beginning! Check out to video and see the awesome performance by BoostedGT!!!