Boise Cars and Coffee: Skyline GT-R R34 – Epic Blue Monster!

Check this video with Boise Cars and Coffee with this Skyline GT-R R34.

Please welcome another video from the Cars and Coffee event. This particular episode is actually the first edition of this festival in Boise, Idaho where lots of great cars have appeared. However, the accent in this video is set to the amazing Nissan GT-R R34! This car looks awesome on the outside, but it would`ve been better if we could sneak a peek to the machine that drives this beast! Impressive blue paintjob, with Japanese letters and Volk ce28 rims as well as a black hood make this car complete! We fed our eyes, our ears are next in line! A Skyline R34 and a Model S. The future is VERY bright! I wonder if that R34 is still in the Boise area. Kudos to the owner. Enjoy.

Check out this amazing personalized Nissan GT-R on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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