BEST EVER Mini RC F16 Plane Flies Like A Real One! Scale 1:4 – Fun 100%! 2 VIDEOS!

Making RC machines can sometimes result with even better performance of the original model and today we have a perfect proof of that. Aircraft lovers say welcome to one more marvelous RC creation of the F16 jet in our club. Although it is four times smaller than the original, this RC F16 plane flies even better than the real F16 Fighting Falcon that was developed in 1974 for the purposes of the United States Air Force. To build an original F16 you will need around $16 million – money that most of us can only dream of, but luckily this RC version costs much less and the pleasure to enjoy it is also impressing. The 4 turbine engines in this RC plane run about $4000 each. For the kit and accessories you will need extra $12,000 and by the time you put all of the electronics into it, you will probably have about $30,000 invested in it.

Sounds affordable in comparison with the original? Oh yes, especially if you are a really big fan of RC vehicles. For your double pleasure only, we have chosen 2 videos where this RC F16 plane makes an outstanding action in the air. We bet that that will be enough to make you start saving money for your next toy.

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