Drifting Skyline R33 GTS-T On A Touge In Romania! No Cuts, No Special Effects, Just Pure Pleasure!

For all you gearheads, adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers we have something astounding here for you. So astounding that manages to challenge the very laws of physics. It is very well satisfying our lust for adrenaline just by watching! Let alone be the main protagonist who manages to do such a thing! All of the adrenaline in this video you are about to see comes in the form of drifting. A motorsport exhibition on a dangerous touge with a very powerful Drifting Skyline R33 GTS-T!

The Nissan Skyline is a car with a very rich history in motorsport. A rich history of victories in all kinds of motorsport categories! So, the R33 is by no means any different when it comes to the long and outstanding success the Skyline series had.

The amazing R33 GTS-T when stock has around 250HP and can reach speeds to 0-62 in about 5.2 sec! But given that this is a custom made drifting Skyline modified for drifting we can`t be really sure. But when it comes to drifting modifications we are sure that it has a welded differential and BC Racing Coilovers. The welded differential is pretty important for pro drifting. It enables the wheels to rotate at various speeds when you go through corners. Also it lets one wheel to be active and spinning while the other does nothing. Pretty basic modification for pro drifting cars.

But take a load of where this drifting occurs! As you`ll see the drifting is pretty amazing but the road that the drifting is done is no less astonishing! It is done on a very dangerous and equally beautiful mountain pass in Romania. A dangerous mountain road that provides the ultimate experience for drifting aficionados! A mountain road where only the best of drifters can prevail! And for sure this particular drifter is one of them. You can see him at high speed performing all kinds of power slides and awesome braking techniques with his drifting Skyline R33!

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