AUDI S8 PLUS Is Definitely Coming To America! It’s Official!

This is a great day for all Gearheads out there and we are proud to inform you that Audi S8 Plus will indeed be coming to North America! Ta-dam! Also, if you have the wish of seeing this magnificent automobile, you can please that wish by going to the Los Angeles Auto Show!

2016 audi a8 plus la debut cover

2016 audi a8 plus la debut 2

However, everyone wants to know a little bit more about this MONSTER, or to be more specific, what`s under the hood?! Well, a V8 Twin Turbo, 4 liters precisely and an output of 520 HP to 601 HP will be waiting for you if you look under there! Wanna know the 0-62mph record? – 3.8 seconds! Thank you for your time, proceed to gallery.

At last, visit Audi America’s official website for more news!

2016 audi a8 plus la debut 9