The R33 Exhaust Sound Is Outstanding! Check This Flame Battle!

One of the beauties of going abroad and meeting with other cultures is the opportunity of crossing along on unusual and not everyday events that happens every now and then. And of course everyone is mainly interested in his own thing and in our case that thing is the supercars. The author of the video bellow recorded it on a trip to British capitol, London, more precisely on the infamous Sloane Street where the local car scene can be seen at its best – it is the right street to get acquainted with the best cars London has on a display. And if judging by the video, it is definitely a place where interesting things are going on. Among the both lines of this street that is packed up with amazing supercars, there are these two R 33 Nissan Skylines GTR monsters that all of a sudden are starting a brutal rev battle in the middle of a crowded street. And not only that they are sounding cruel and brutal, but are also very hot when started backfiring. The Nissan R33 exhaust sound is well known. So, each of these Nissans want to keep that reputation for itself!

It is well known that R33 Skylines usually come with twin turbochargers under the hood, but these models are clearly tuned up versions that are generating 700 + horsepower and seeing them roaring and showing off their teeth in an urban R33 Exhaust sound warfare like this one is really a great experience.

Finally, this 1995 Nissan GTR is off the hook!

Enjoy the video below!

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