Christmas Gift From THE ROCK – The BLACK GORILLA Ford Truck!

Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson is a famous celebrity in Hollywood. He is seemingly a nice person, and that is the reason why his following continues to get bigger every day. An interesting fact about Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson is that he is a truck guy, and given his 6`5“ and 270lbs, it should come to no surprise. But even he has had some darker days in the past. And his way of thanking his Uncle, who helped him when he needed help the most, was by giving him his big old custom Ford F-150. The Rock named this truck the BLACK GORILLA! Now that is one nice gift to get!


the rock gift f 150 ford 6

As The Rock explained, the reason he gave his custom Ford F-150, The Black Gorilla to his uncle, is because he helped him get in the wrestling ring for the very first time, by providing him with some purple trunks. And thanks to his Uncles humble loyalty, he managed to get where he is today, a famous movie star. As for his Uncle, he now owns a lifted F-Series pickup Ford that looks absolutely amazing. Check out how The Rock thanks his Uncles loyalty right here on his official Instagram profile!

the rock gift f 150 ford 2