Airless Tires Test! Pretty Cool Military Tires Invention! It Looks Like It Works Well Too!

We all know that the Us Military is big and very important for the world! The number 1 World Force would not be there if there was not a hard working team and loyal soldiers to bring the dream alive! In order to be number one you have to be creative, hard-working and of course, put some moolah in for some projects and so on! Just for the record, the US military spends 300 billion dollars annually from the Federal budget! For money like that, we sure hope they are worth it! The Military has a new innovation and it is a pretty cool one! It is called – AIRLESS TIRES! The name speaks for itself, these new tires are not air dependent as they are not supported by air pressure! Since now, they have been used mainly on some smaller vehicles, but now we are trying to implement them on something bigger! Nothing is perfect, we know that especially when it comes to the military! Which is why there are bad and good things when it comes to the airless tires. Of course, there are some cons when it comes to airless tires!

For example Heat Buildup easily occurs when the airless tires are driven, but on the other hand, they cannot go flat! I was just wondering how those tires would perform in very cold extreme circumstances? And what will happen if you get the mud and rocks inside the wheel? Anyone has any other video from the performance of this tires? If you do, it would be great if you could share it with us! However, you are now free to enjoy this video! Take a look at this innovation and let us know what you think about it!

However, if you want to see Hankook`s high-speed tests of airless tires, follow this link!