Guy Pulls 5TH Wheel Camper Backwards With A Bumper Hitch!

This video is short but pretty sweet. It`s short enough for you to play it multiple times over and over again. We literally sat in sheer disbelief when the video was played. We were completely dumbfounded by this thing. In fact, we are not even really sure how this driver hooked up his SUV to the bumper of his 5th wheel camper. Nevertheless, as you can see in the video below, he somehow managed to do that. Obviously, this is an accident waiting to happen for several reasons. The space between the SUV`s rear wheels to the wheel camper`s axles is far too small in order to handle efficiently.

The short space also makes this rig almost impossible to reverse. However, the biggest problem comes down to weight distribution. So, not only this is completely ridiculous, but extremely dangerous as well. Not only extremely dangerous to the driver of this rig, but to other cars on the road as well. The rear of the SUV can be lifted off the ground. This will send the vehicle sliding off into other vehicles or off the road. We really hope this guy is pulling this 5th wheel camper like this as a temporary solution, because as we said, this is an accident waiting to happen.

At last, here is what we like to call – real stupidity!