800HP 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Competes in Standing Start One-Mile Event in Mojave!

Joel Feingold  is the owner of the amazing `98 Corvette, but like many other enthusiasts he hoped his car shall give a more mean sound. In order to achieve this, he tucked in an exhaust system from Borla. The installation did not end up here, He also featured new headers, an engine tuned for more power, air conditioning system and so on. As years went by, he wantd more and more power. His dream was to achieve above 800 horses and he did! Once he achieved this, he started participating in various street events. He even had a favourite track. It was in sponsorship of MKM Racing and it was called the Mojave Mile.

This video that we`ve uploaded here, shows Joel making few standing start runs to over 200 mph! When it comes to his driving technique, he says that he revs the engine to 2,500 rpm, let the clutch out and bring the Corvette to the point of losing traction. He short shifts it at 5800 [rpm] into second and continue to fight for traction. Now he shifts into third at 6300rpm where he may to go wide open throttle through the rest of the gears to sixth at 200+ mph.

Enjoy the video below!

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He`s featured an LS3 418-cubic inches engine. Mamo Tony installed 225 AFR heads custom. Cunningham Ryne made the cam more productive, installing a C5 Vette system kit that included a 2000 Paxton Novi supercharger.The kit is consisted of an awesome CFM 1,450 intercooler. There is also a four stage twelve qualrt Aviaid dry oil system installed that produces 740 lb-ft of torque and 824 horses.

This Vette has a manual RPM-altered 6 speed trans. In order to boost up the top speed, a G Force low ratio with sixth and fifth gears is being used. A SCCA-approved T 1 anti-roll bars, approved by SCCA were used to connect the Heim joints with the PFADT coilovers.  The Vette was customized and aligned all over its body.  The two hundred mph are being held in control by the supreme brakes by Brembo GT. The engine performance is being controlled by custom made gauges. A four point roll cage was installed inside the `98 cabin as well as a top notch racing seat. a 1800 Holly Eliminator duel feed fuel pump brought us the fuel aand the fuel additives Torco help boosting up the octane of fuel. Joel is not being called a “Speed merchant “for no reason!