600HP+ CAMARO vs. SRT-4 NEON! “He’s fast, I’m selling this car” lol

Check out this 600HP+ CAMARO vs. SRT-4 NEON race!

Racing makes your adrenaline go high? It makes you get on your toes? Then watch this video and you will be pumped. On the highway, the guys with the 1969 Camaro are challenging the guy with the Dodge Neon SRT-4, and expect to win the race. However, they didn`t expect the power with which they were overrun by the SRT-4. It just got too much engine power for them. They should reconsider and maybe upgrade the Camaro. What do you think? Either way, we don`t recommend road racing as accidents happen in seconds and you should always follow road signs.

The Camaro driver: “He’s fast, I’m selling this car”!

Enjoy the video below!

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