4 Advantages of Car’s Factory over Portable Navigation Systems!

hyundai santa fe 2013 Portable Navigation Systems

Nowadays, the navigation systems are no more an expensive option reserved only for luxury cars. Now the questions are: Should you buy car`s factory or portable navigation systems? What are the advantages of car`s factory navigation systems?

Here are a few advantages of car`s factory navigation systems you need to consider before you can choose the right system for you.

1.  Integration, Look and Functionality!

The factory-integrated navigation systems are giving the high-tech, clean and integrated look inside the car. There is no doubt if the car`s factory system looks better than the portable system.

These factory systems have larger displays and are specially designed to work with the vehicle, so you can use the other features like steering wheel controls and voice activation.

2. Warranty Coverage of the System!

Since the car is covered with the “bumper to bumper warranty”, the factory navigation system as a part of the vehicle is covered for the whole warranty period as well.

So, if anything goes wrong with your “navi” during the warranty period, you can take it to any official dealer for repair.

theft stealing a car Portable Navigation Systems

3. No Need for Mounting and Theft Resistant!

As we all know the portable navigation systems are mounted on the dashboard or the windshield.

These portable devices can be easily removed and they can attract thieves, so you have to hide or take it with you every time you leave the car.

4. Improving the Resale Value of the Car!

Car`s factory navigation systems are improving the car’s resale value. According to the all analysis the visible options like navigation systems, are tending to hold their value in the used car market. Therefore, it makes a car more desirable to the potential buyers.

hyundai santa fe 2013 interior Portable Navigation Systems

Maybe the most obvious disadvantage of the factory navigation systems is the price.

However, comparing to the portable or smartphone navigation, these integrated systems has ideal setup for your car and bigger displays, so it minimizes the time you spend looking at the screen.

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However, at the end you should take the car`s factory navigation system for a test drive before you buy the car.