15 Ford Mustang Color Palette Unveiled! Must See!

The new 15 Ford Mustang shall come along with all sorts of technical and interior upgrades and a bunch of amusing colors. Here`s a bit of “its” palette: Race Red, Ruby Re, Triple Yellow, Gotta Have it Green, Grabber Blue, Deep Impact Blue, Oxford White, Orange, Magnetic, Sterling Grey, Guard and the list goes on and on…

The official 2015 Mustang pages has the whole color palette to show. The shades are not quite exact, but you`ll get the idea. On the same page you can also find the four wheel options such as the 19-inch black wheels, the 18-inch and 20-inch machined wheels as well as the 19-inch premium wheels.

The gallery bellow shows all the colors available. Take a look!

Finally, one of the best 2019 Ford Mustangs ever built! Must check out this amazing beauty. Click on this link!



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