Witness The Highlights Of The 2014 Easter Drift Cup At Nürburgring, Germany! DOPE EDIT!

2014 Easter Drift Cup At Nurburgring, Germany! DOPE EDIT!

Have you ever been in another country during Easter? If not, we are glad to show you how Easter is being celebrated in Germany, on the famous track of Nurburgring. Actually, around the Easter period there is a competition taking place at that track called Easter Nurburgring Drift Cup. Here in this video you can see a vast array of racing cars, as well as the atmosphere before, during and after the competition. There are many exciting moments caught on tape and nicely put together as a whole. By the end of the video, the drivers who have secured a place on the pedestal gave their view about this event.

Music: Foreground Set -- Kangaroo