2 Highly Modified Bikes vs 900HP Nissan 240 SX! SICK RUNS!

What a battle! At first, I could not really believe my eyes, but than again, on the second though…What we have here is this crazy TRC 2 JZ powered Nissan 240 SX that can produce 900 HP in a face off battle against two, also totally insane and powerful motorcycles, the BMW S 1000 RR and Hayabusa, both of them highly modified, that has been through a hard core tuning process.

Is this the moment when the legend about the unbeatable Nissan GT-R is coming to its end? If we judge it from the numbers, it should not be the case – Nissan 240 SX with its stock motor 2 JZ is suppose to be 8 second car, and on the other hand, both of those tuned up bikes can go way over 200 mph in unbelievable 9/10th of a mile race, so the numbers are pretty much tight.

But, no matter what the numbers are saying, the fact is that the Nissan can not keep up with these `faster than a bullet` bikes, even though, there is a moment in the video on which we can see a huge whole on the car`s exhaust, so that could explain something, but still…

Watch the video and make your own conclusion.

Enjoy the video below!

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