1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo “Triple Black”! Must See This!

The restoration of a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo represents a work of art. It`s a fun process, but also tiring, frustrating and also expensive sometimes. But when its all done, the feeling you`ll get after seeing it, it makes all bad memories go away. Many times a car is a tribute to the ones we loved and unfortunately lost. That`s how the story goes for Boyte Ann and Michael and their 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. His dad spent a lot of time looking for Randy`s ideal car. He finally found it in North Carolina. Randy was more than grateful.


The Monte Carlo was kept in flawless shape during the next twenty years. Ann, his wife was a great support to Michel during all times. Even though Michel kept repeating that it wasn`t a car for shows, Ann kept telling him to do the opposite and show it around. Showing a car has it costs, but Ann was determined to do anything in order to honor Randy and his parents. She finally convinced him.

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The 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo had to go through some cleansing, painting and restoration. The work on the body was done by Hooker Mark. Tickle Scott did the painting afterwards. Scott was on top of the paint job. He sprayed some awesome Plus Triple Black .Dale Steve buff and wet sand it.

The Monte Carlo is abounding details like the fenderwells, the rear quarters, the body panel crimps as well as the trunk pan were  blended, smoothed and done with a clear process. NOS did the trim and later on it was on his way to Indiana in order to get an amazing finish.

Banks Racing enhanced the factory made  three hundred and fifty engine to 388.3 cubic inches. At rpm 6,300 Michael had the engine boost 500HP @ rpm 5000, 521 lb-ft of torque, 11.2:1 compression ratio, JE pistons, SCAT crankshaft, duration split of 254/25o degrees, aluminum cylinder heads, eight hundred cfm carburetor  and intake manifold from Edelbrock  all contributed to the maximum power boost. Also a rpm 3800 converter with a driveshaft from chrome along with a Turbo 350 were also added and an exhaust from Flowmaster.

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