Fantastic 1100hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Model ARS!

The guys from ARS are specialised tuners the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution model, which is placed in a rather extreme category as you will discover with this video.

Based on a Lancer Evo 8, here is a fully prepared for acceleration bomb. The great dynamic qualities of the Japanese sedan is in this case only used to switch power to the ground and limit the rotation acceleration. A lot of  changes has been made to this car including many reinforcements. The ratio of  1100 horsepower /1100 kg total weight is stunning. To achieve this the block is completely revised, strengthened and bored to withstand and there is huge turbo mounted front fascia without air filter.

The  Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution by ARS  passed quarter-mile in 9.734 sec and 1 mile for incredible 23.911 sec.

Driver -- Dmitriy Pleshakov, with a personal record -- 8.817 sec.

Finally, check out this Evolution legal in the US!