10 Major Steps for Buying Auto Insurance!

How to Find the Coverage You Need at the Right Price?

Car accidents happen and that`s a fact. Therefore you have to have car insurance. This car insurance costs money, which is normal, but people often find themselves paying more for the insurance than actually needed. Therefore you have to carefully choose the place you are going to buy the insurance from. And you have to be prepared that finding the right insurance is not as fun as shown on TV. Nevertheless, we give you an example of how car insurance price can vary. A man who wanted to by car insurance went to several insurance companies and guess what? He found and insurance costing 1,006 dollars and another one costing 1,807 dollars. The difference is 801 dollar. So, we would like to tell you that spending the time looking for the right car insurance is worth because you will be able to save money or spend it on something you wanted to buy for a long time.

1. How Much Coverage You Need?

Car insurance and regulations on car insurance depend on each state and each state has different ones. Therefore you should think carefully and see what you need to cover and what type of insurance you need. Explanation on different kinds of insurance can be found on “How much car insurance do you need?” , while a full explanation of all the vocabulary concerning car insurance can be found on “Little-known but important car insurance issues”. Inexperienced drivers should check the guide made by the National Association of insurance commissioners in which they can find all the details they need. After you have done your research you can go and look for the car insurance you need. Insurance companies always have the facts and figures regarding car accidents, stolen cars and other damages, but you do not. So, don`t allow to be manipulated by insurance companies. Just think wheel what you really need and what you really feel comfortable with. According to experts you should have enough means to protect your assets if you have a large amount of them. For example you can have physical injuries assessed on 50,000 dollars and personal damage of about 100,000 dollars. So if it is you to blame for the accident, lawyers from the other side may ask for 50,000 dollars for additional expenses such as medical examination etc.
Car insurance agencies usually offer the following coverage: 50,000 dollars for one injured person, 100,000 if all passengers are injured in an accident and 25,000 dollars for property damage. So when choosing the insurance, you have to take into consideration your current financial situation and your driving habits and skills. If your driving habits are a bit wild, then you should get more thorough insurance. There is a collision coverage that will compensate the damage if you crash in a tree or some other immovable object. There is also another type of insurance called a comprehensive coverage that compensates the damage caused by fire or other non-collision reason.
So, for example if the chances of having an accident are lower than having your car stolen then you should get the comprehensive coverage. You don`t have to buy both.

2. Check Your Current Insurance Policy!

You have to check your current insurance policy. That means call the agency; check how much you are paying on monthly or annual basis and what you get for that price.

3. Check How Many Times You Have Been Fined -- Driving Record!

Call the motor vehicles department in your state and check your driving record. Get informed on how many times you have been fined due to irregular driving. You should be aware that the more irresponsibly you drive, the higher the price of the insurance is.

4. Research for the Best Insurance Agency!

When you are done with the research in every aspect, it comes the time when you should choose the insurance agency. You can start doing it online. If you do it online you should type your parameters and you will get information from different insurance companies which rates you can compare. If you have been given recommendations from friends or relatives then you can directly visit the web site. If you are not doing this online, then you need to take your driver`s license, your vehicle registration and the current insurance policy and you are ready to go. When in front of your computer, you only need 15 minutes in order to fill the required form and get your rate. The whole process will take about two hours, but hey, that`s not a lot of time when talking about saving about 800 dollars. However, you may not get immediately what you want.

5. Gather Company Info and Quotes!

When checking out these companies make a list of all the information you gathered. You should definitely write down the number of the company in case you have any further questions. Furthermore, you should also write down the offer, i.e. how much is the monthly rate, the annual rate, what they cover etc. Last, but not the last you have to pay attention to the payment details, meaning you will have to learn a bit more about what would happen if you are late with the payment, when you are supposed to pay etc.

6. Call the Companies You Chose by Phone!

As soon as you collect the necessary information, call the companies you chose by phone. It can be easier and faster than doing it online. Put your driver`s license and your vehicle registration near you and start the calls. Don`t forget to ask for the payment and bear in mind that you can be sent the whole offer by e-mail.

7. Pay a Great Attention to Discount!

Discounts are attractive and worthy of your attention in any type of shopping. Therefore, when shopping for car insurance you should also pay a great attention to discount. A lot of insurance companies offer different types of car insurance discounts, such as discounts if you have good driving record, discount for young drivers in the family, discounts if you hire the same company for home and car insurance etc. If you want to explore this in detail visit “Top 10 ways to lower your car insurance bill” and “How to save money on car insurance”.

8. Check Company`s Record!

You have already found insurance companies that meet your criteria. But, what you ought to do is to check the company`s background. Why? Because you have to make sure that this company will take good care of you and will make your money worth. So, we give you some suggestions of where you can check if the insurance company you have chosen is liquid takes care of customers and has a satisfactory background. If you want to check out the number of complaints that have been filed against tome insurance company, then their financial working and other information, the best thing to do is to use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners` Consumer Information Source that provides excellent date. Furthermore, you may find out more about the financial working of insurance companies. You can also hire a personal agent that will provide you with information on a concrete company. L.D. Power and Consumer Reports are excellent sources of information on how much customers are satisfied with one agency or another. And finally, you can always ask friends or relatives about the insurance company they have signed with and whether they are satisfied with their choice or not.

9. Carefully Read the Insurance Policy Before You Sign!

When you have finally chosen the insurance company, you should carefully read the insurance policy. According to the director of Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, Mr. Dennis Howard, you must examine all the details of the policy, particularly if you have a new car that you plan on driving in future and for which original parts the insurance company will pay if needed.

10. Make Sure to Cancel Your Old Policy and Carry Your Proof!

As soon as you find the insurance company you wanted, make sure to cancel the one that you already have. So, let`s make a short review of the things you should do in order to find good and appropriate car insurance company. Firs see your state`s conditions and requirements. Then check your financial situation and your driving record to see if everything is as you planned. Furthermore, see your current insurance rates and compare them with other insurance companies` rates you have found. Next step is to call those companies to acquire some detailed information including discounts. Finally, check the background of the company you have chosen and before signing you must read the policy very carefully.

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