The Ultimate Adult’s Toy: Giant RC Tank That’s Way Too Powerful!

This here is definitely the ultimate adult`s toy for Christmas. We are talking about a giant RC tank based on the King Tiger model. It`s ¼ scale of the extremely powerful King Tiger. This is a German weapon that wreaked havoc during WW2. We guess that this RC monster weighs around 500 pounds. For a good reason too, because it features a completely working turret and also a working 2ft long gun that has a very realistic recoil action as well. The tank`s distinctive and awesome rumbling noise is simulated by speakers that are fitted inside. It`s powered by two motors which deliver 500 watt and 244 volt.

These motors are actually so powerful that it won`t be strange if this giant RC tank can actually pull a car. However, it would most probably be able to pull the car on a leveled surface. We have seen some huge RC tanks by now but nothing big as this. This one probably cost around $10,000. However, when you take in mind all the features included, it`s a bargain. After all, it`s a ¼ scaled version. If you have this at home, we think that you possess the bragging rights of having a real tank in your home! Enjoy!

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