Install Carbon Fiber Clutches 11

How To Install Carbon Fiber Clutches!

In this one, ChrisFix teaches us how to install carbon fiber clutches and rebuild a limited slip differential. Having said this, when your wheel starts to slip and spin the carbon fiber clutches will send massive …

Clutch Adjustment 2

5 Signs That Your Car Needs A Clutch Adjustment

Statistics show that nearly 40% of adults wouldn’t have the means to afford a $400 car repair. If you’re operating on a tight budget, you may want to start socking away money — and listening to your car. If …

Double Clutch 2

This Guy Shows You Exactly What Double Clutch Is!

When you think about Double Clutch, you probably think about that Fast and Furious moment, but there`s a lot more to it!

When you get down to the mechanics, double clutching a car is nothing more than …