6-liter V12 engine with 510 hp Zeus Twelve Gold Rush!

Zeus Twelve Gold Rush resembles to Chevy Camaro. A 6-liter V12 engine with 510 hp (6,500 rpm)  should be installed in this monster that should have a top speed of 302km/h (188mph). The vehicle is created by the company named Gray Design collaborating with another manufacturer called Dartz. The Gray Design company is situated among the best design groups in the world. Now, they are trying their shot in the automotive industry by launching this vehicle. This manufacturer is already far reaching in this point of view because has three pre-ordered models to make.

Zeus Twelve Gold Rush 3

We still do not have information about this car`s price tag, but if the new automaker is going to keep it reasonable, it will certainly attract the attention of potential buyers. Probably some of you are interested in purchasing this vehicle?

At last, check out this RC project called ZEUS!

Zeus Twelve Gold Rush 4 Zeus Twelve Gold Rush 2 Zeus Twelve Gold Rush

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